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9/2-3 DIRTY FORMOSA Fun 埔里站

9/2-3 DIRTY FORMOSA Fun 埔里站 開放報名


埔里站在報到天有產品介紹會之外,晚上提供特色燒烤敍餐,更有達人分享騎乘體驗。 隔天探索卓社林道也調整為體驗組(28K)及精實組(42K),適合不同程度的新手或是老手。

9/2-3 DIRTY FORMOSA Fun Puli Open for registration

Registration Link:

In addition to the product introduction session on the registration day at Puli, there will be a special barbecue dinner in the evening and expert sharing of riding experiences. The next day, the exploration of Zhuo-She Forest Road will be adjusted for the experiential group (28K) and the advanced group (42K), suitable for beginners or experienced riders of different levels.


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